Exhibition «Our Gagarin» opened in the Russian House in Nur-Sultan

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On March 9 is the birthday of the first cosmonaut of the Earth. And on this day the exhibition «Our Gagarin» opened in the Russian House in Nur-Sultan.

The exhibition was organized by the Russian House, the Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow), and the Kazakhstan University of Innovative and Telecommunications Systems.

Welcoming the guests, the director of the Russian House Alexey Koropchenko said: «On April 12 this year, the whole world will celebrate a memorable date – the 60th anniversary of the first human flight into space. The exhibition, dedicated to the birthday of Yuri Gagarin, tells about the key events in the life of this outstanding man. Our exhibition presents unique archival documents and photographs that illustrate Gagarin’s complex but bright path: from childhood, which fell on a difficult wartime, studying at the Orenburg Aviation School of Pilots to the historic start from the Baikonur launch site».

Hero of the Soviet Union, People’s Hero of Kazakhstan, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR Toktar Aubakirov noted: «Yuri Gagarin lived a short like a flash life - only 34 years, but managed to bring humanity to a fundamentally new space and expand our horizons to the cosmic limits. His life has long become a legend: streets and cities are named after Gagarin, monuments to him can be found in many countries of the world, his smile, which won millions of hearts, has become a symbol of sincerity and good strength. The path of Yuri Gagarin is a great reference point for those young people who are able to dare and want to succeed».

«In Kazakhstan, there is a special attitude to Gagarin, because it was from here, from the Kazakh land, that humanity entered the space age. I think that is why the feat of the first cosmonaut is immortalized in the poem of the classic of Kazakh literature Olzhas Suleimenov «Earth, bow to man!». Russian House plans include a large project with the same name as the poem’s one which  will be implemented jointly with the leading socio-political and museum center of the country – the Library of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev - Elbasy, and the State Corporation «Roscosmos», - Olga Skalchuk, head of the cultural programs of the Russian House noticed.

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