Welcome to Russian House!

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Now it will be a traditional greeting in Russian Centres for Science and Culture abroad.

Dear friends, we have finally summarized the results of the “Rename Rossotrudnichestvo” contest. Having studied you letters carefully (and you sent more than 800 suggestions), we found out that the most popular option was “Russian House”

“This name is easy and understandable”, – Yuri Lenshin, a glass blower from Kaliningrad, Honored Artist of Russia wrote. He was the first one who e-mailed us this, basically, clear term.

From now on “Russian House” becomes a non-official name of our Agency. This decision was supported by the Public Council, especially because our representative offices abroad were called this way by foreigners and compatriots in daily life before rebranding.

“Rossotrudnichestvo” remains the name for internal use and in the system of public authorities of the Russian Federation.

Thank you all for responding to our contest! We congratulate Yuri Lenshin and, keeping the promise, invite him to our Russian House in Berlin as soon as epidemiological situation makes it possible. 

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