Russia in photos: Professor of Slavic Studies William Broomfield delivered an online-lecture on Russia’s architecture

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The online-platform of the Russian Cultural Center in Washington organized a lecture by William Broomfield - Professor of Slavic Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans.

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American historian-slavist and photographer, who has devoted decades to studying Russian culture and traveling in Russia, presented his new book «Journey through the Russian Empire» and shared unique photos that capture the beauty and originality of traditional Russian architecture.

Monasteries, churches, cozy country houses and their inhabitants captured in the Broomfield’s photographs, appear before the viewer in all their charm. The professor of Slavic Studies compares his photos with the first color photos taken in the same places by the scientist and traveler Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky more than 100 years ago, thereby returning us to the past, which in terms of detail and image quality is almost indistinguishable from the present. William Broomfield is sure that Russia’s architecture reflects not only its history, but also its culture.

William Broomfield's books are an invaluable resource for architecture enthusiasts, researchers studying Russian history, and for all connoisseurs of Russian culture. Among the online-conference participants there were former US Ambassador to Russia John Byerly and his wife, Head of the famous international diplomatic project «Embassy Liaison» Jean Du Plan, President of the American University in Moscow Edward Lozansky, prominent historians and architects.