Emir Kusturica: "Serbs trust Russians and believe in the effectiveness of Sputnik V"

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Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica has already been vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

"I have already had the first shot, the next one is on 17 February," he said in an interview with Rossotrudnichestvo. Headache was the only side effect after the drug was administered.

Late last year the Serbian Agency for Medicines and Medical Products (ALIMS) issued a permit for the use of Sputnik V in the country, vaccination with the drug began on January 6. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, at the time more than 40% of the citizens have expressed a preference for the Russian vaccine.

"The Belgrade elite, which is close to the West, believes in Pfizer and Moderna, but I think that 80 percent of Serbs believe in the Russians and believe in the effectiveness of Sputnik V. They consider it the best vaccine and hope that there will be more of it in Serbia. This vaccine is the most important one for us," Kusturica said in a conversation with Rossotrudnichestvo.

For the time being, Moscow and Belgrade are negotiating the joint production of Sputnik V in Serbia.

Minister for Innovations Nenad Popovic said that the Republic hopes to start the production of the vaccine in two phases - in a few months to start the packaging of the preparation, and by the end of the year to go to the "full production cycle".


The material was prepared by Oleg OSYPOV

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