World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrated in Mumbai

On 10th November every year World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated all over the world. This fest of all scientists of our planet was established by UNESCO in 1999 and intended to highlight the importance of the science in the life of the modern society. The Topic of the 2020 celebration of World Science day is "Science at the service of Society". On 10th November the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Mumbai jointly with Nehru Science Centre (Mumbai) and Medical Institute of Russian People's Friendship University (MI RUDN Moscow) organized and conducted the video conference between the  Russian and Indian scientists of Genetics and Integrative Biology dedicated to the celebration of the World Science Day. From Russian side were attended Director of Medical Institute of RUDN Dr. Professor Aleksey Abramov, Vice - Senior Specialist of infectious diseases of the Moscow Government Health Department, the Chief of research Laboratory in Genetics (MI RUDN) Aleksandr Abramov, Dr. Professor of Genetics and Integrative Biology (MI RUDN) Madina Azova. From Indian side the conference was attended by Mr.Shivaprassad Khened, Director of Nehru Science Centre (Mumbai), Dr. Sridhar Sivsubbu, the Principal Scientist from the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (New Delhi), Dr. Anirban Benerjee from IIT Bombay Institute, Dr. AP Jayaraman the Chaiman of National Centre for Science Communication (Mumbai) and others.

Dr. Sergey Fandeev, Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Mumbai while opening the meeting congratulated all its participants with the World Science Day, told in brief about the RCSC work on propagating the achievements of Russian Scientists, introduced the Russian professors and researchers and gave floor to the Director of Nehru Science Centre. Mr. Shivaprassad Khened who as well congratulated all participants of the meeting with the World Science Day underlined the importance of science in the common human life and modern society and thanked Dr. S. Fandeev and RCSC Mumbai for the initiative of organizing such a good and interesting video conference. After the panelists from both sides presented their reports about the current measures taken by Russian and Indian medical workers and scientists in the fight against the Pandemic Covid-19 in Russia and India. The reports were very interesting and informative. There was a very live and professional discussion. The Indian scientists thanked the Russian colleagues for sharing the interesting data and new approaches to tackle the pandemic Covid-19. Dr. Anirban Benerjee from IIT Bombay reminded the participants of the conference that the IIT Bombay Institute, the most renowned institution of Indian higher educational system, was conceived and constructed by Soviet-Russian engineers in 1958. The Indian people will be grateful to Russian people for this help for ever. Dr. Benerjee proposed to the leadership of the RUDN  Medical Institute to cooperate in the researches of the field of  infectious diseases. The proposal was agreed by Russian side. The meeting was very interesting, informative and useful and passed in a warm and friendly atmosphere leaving the desire to continue the cooperation and collaboration between Russian and Indian scientists.