M.Bryukhanov: The progress on the implementation of the Interstate innovation cooperation program is characterized as successful

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During the Moscow – Yerevan - Minsk – Bishkek - Nur-Sultan videobridge on the Interstate innovative cooperation program issues in the CIS countries until 2020, held at the Sputnik news agency, Deputy Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Mikhail Bryukhanov noted that the implementation of this program was characterized as successful, and that it had been decided to further develop the Inter-State Program until the year 2030.

The Interstate innovation cooperation program in the CIS countries has been implemented since 2012 in the following areas: aerospace and transport systems, security (information / infrastructure), living systems (biocatalytic, biosynthetic and biosensor technologies, genomic, proteomic and postgenomic technologies, etc.), industry of nanosystems, information and telecommunication systems, medicine and healthcare, production and industry, environmental management, social infrastructure, energy industry and others.