New project “Russian bloggers in Lebanon” was launched

There are a lot of reasons why Russian community in Lebanon is very socially active. This is reflected in the work of the RCSC in Beirut and 7 other cities, in how Lebanese feel about Russian culture and history, and in their warm attitude towards Russians.

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Lebanese-Russian families are very stable, and children grow up in bilingual environment. The majority of Russians in Lebanon are women married to Lebanese, and their children.

Socially-active Russian youth use Instagram, Twitter and other social networks not only for posting funny news, but also for sharing their worldviews, country where they live, and country that they have in their hearts.

So, let’s get acquainted with young Lebanese bloggers with Russian roots.

Meet "Mount_of_Tabbouleh".

Social media users keep reading her stories, whether simple or complicated, funny or sad, entertaining and attractive within Eastern charm. Readers can’t even notice how they become absolutely conquered by "Mount_of_Tabbouleh".