International Conference on Quantum Technologies was held in Great Britain

Within the framework of the Cross-Year of Science and Education of Russia and Great Britain, a conference on quantum technologies was held in Rossotrudnichestvo in London, organized by the Russian Quantum Center RQC. The meeting was attended by leading experts from Europe, Britain and Russia, as well as scientists, politicians, business representatives, journalists

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The conference was opened by the Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Alexander Yakovenko, noting the importance of searching the European scientific community for new creative formats for the exchange of ideas and the development of international cooperation. "Russia has much to offer both Europe and the UK, which is now looking for a new place in Europe. RQC came up with this format, which is the perfect combination for such an exchange, "said Alexander Yakovenko.

During the first two sessions, the latest developments and methods of applying technologies based on research in the field of quantum physics in various fields were presented. The issues of the possibilities of international cooperation, the development of British quantum science and technology in Europe were touched upon. Russian science was discussed as part of international quantum technology. The moderators were Professor of the Ulm University (Germany), a member of the Expert Group of the Commission on Quantum Technologies Tommaso Calarco and Director General of the Russian Quantum Center Ruslan Yunusov.

Within the framework of the seminar a meeting was held between Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov and Vladislav Panchenko with representatives of the Russian Embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo where the priorities of the government of the Russian Federation for supporting and developing quantum science in Russia were discussed. They noted the need to introduce educational programs on quantum technologies at the state level, provide conditions for attracting foreign specialists, and develop scientific exchanges.

The conference was organized by the Russian Quantum Center with the support of the Russian Embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo.

The International Quantum Center was established in 2014 and conducts scientific developments that could lead to the emergence of fundamentally new technologies in the future. The result of this scientific activity can be secure data transmission networks, the study and creation of new materials, submicron optical transistors and high-frequency optical electronics, new systems for ultrasensitive tomography of the brain, compact and accurate clocks for navigation systems. The Center unites about ten groups of both Russian and foreign scientists with a total of about one hundred researchers.