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On the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the all-Russian «Volunteers of Victory» movement and the Victory Commanders’ Memorial Foundation proposed to create a living monument for each victim of the Great Patriotic War, planting 27 million trees all over the country. The idea was also supported by Rossotrudnichestvo representative offices abroad. Launched in hundreds of Russian cities, the campaign, thus, has become truly international. Gardens planted by dozens of countries’ residents will serve as a living reminder of our heroes’ sacrifice.

According to the organizers, «the «Garden of remembrance» is a place where family history can be passed on to children and grandchildren, a place where one can come to honor his fallen relatives. It is not just a campaign: a tradition is being established, designed to make the memory of our ancestors’ sacrifice last throughout the ages».

In order to join the «Garden of remembrance» campaign, go to its official website: садпамяти

Select the region and the nearest tree-planting mark, where one can get information about the date and the timing of the campaign and find the contacts. Moreover, it is possible to register on the website and tell in whose honor the tree has been planted, in order to receive an electronic certificate.

One can also take part in the campaign from home! Plant a tree next to your country house or draw with your children a tree that you will definitely plant a bit later and post its photo on social media with the hashtag #СадПамятиДома.

Let millions of trees grow on our planet in honor of the Great Patriotic War heroes!