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«The Victory is one for all!» is an international competition for foreign students, aimed at learning the history of their countries on the example of the heroic acts of their compatriots and milestones of the Great Patriotic War.

While learning about the fates of people, regardless of their citizenship, nationality and religion, whose feats helped make the Victory Day happen, the younger generation is introduced to the spirit of fellowship on the example of those who jointly fought back the Nazi invaders.

The participants are searching for significant events, organizations, people having heroically fought at the military front or served on the home front in 1941-1945. The results of the research are delivered in the form of presentation, and students report them at their schools.

«The Victory is one for all!» competition allows for the participation of 14 to 17-year-old students from foreign countries’ schools teaching Russian language.

In order to participate in the competition, students are required to register on the website of the «Do It Together» movement:

Works are accepted till May 31.

By June 30, the winners of the competition will have been determined. They will be provided with valuable prizes.

More information on the Movement’s website:

«The Victory is one for all!» is a new joint project of Rossotrudnichestvo and the «Do It Together» movement. The previous one, the «Our Heroes» international competition held in 2019, was focused on studying the common history of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries. 13 thousand students from 11 countries took part in it.