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The historical and educational «Roads of Victory» campaign is a joint project of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian Military Historical Society. It took its start in October 2019 in Belgrade.

The campaign involves walking and video tours along the roads of military glory in European cities, after the liberation and the capture of which service medals were instituted.

There were seven medals of this type in the Soviet award system:

«For the Liberation of Belgrade» – October 20, 1944

«For the Liberation of Warsaw» – January 17, 1945

«For the Capture of Budapest» – February 13, 1945

«For the Capture of Konigsberg» – April 10, 1945

«For the Capture of Vienna» – April 13, 1945

«For the Capture of Berlin» – May 2, 1945

«For the Liberation of Prague» – May 9, 1945

Through the promotion of military historical issues and the Russian common historical past with other countries, the project contributes to the preservation of the historical memory among Russian and foreign citizens, especially young people, and to countering the falsifications of the Red Army’s liberation mission.