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Every year, Rossotrudnichestvo and its foreign representative offices organize and host cultural, educational, scientific and methodological activities focused on promoting the Russian language and stimulating foreign citizens to study it, by supporting the national Russian language studies and improving the teaching of the Russian language in their countries of residence.

In 2011, our Agency became one of the initiators of a large-scale cultural and humanitarian event held on June 6 – the universal Russian Language Day, on the occasion of the birthday of Alexander Pushkin. The initiative was supported by the President of the Russian Federation.

Pursuant to the Request of the President of Russia from February 21, 2011 No. 446, Rossotrudnichestvo took an active role in organizing and holding the universal Russian Language Day overseas.

On June 6, 2011, the President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree to annually hold the Russian Language Day in order to "preserve, support and develop the Russian language as the national heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the means of international communication and an integral part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the world civilization."

In 2012, with the support of Russian embassies, national ministries and national educational institutions carried out more than 400 thematic activities at the platforms of foreign representative offices and our partner organizations in 76 countries.

In 2013, more than 300 integrated events were held in 70 countries. Over 200 news agencies, print and electronic media agencies, leading television and radio channels have provided support in Russian and foreign languages for humanitarian activities dedicated to the Russian Language Day in these countries. 

In 2014, foreign representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo also held integrated activities celebrating the Russian Language Day. Rossotrudnichestvo gave out its departmental awards to about 150 national partners and partner organizations in the area of preserving and promoting the Russian language abroad.

In 2015, Russian Centers for Science and Culture abroad and some partner organizations conducted more than 500 Russian language activities. 64 of them were complex activities such as science and practical conferences, methodical seminars for Russian language teachers, opened lessons, round tables, festivals of Russian poetry, theatre performances, literary and musical evenings, virtual excursions, demonstrations of modern and classical films, books of Russian publishers, poetic master classes and others.