National Unity Day

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This holiday is inextricably linked with the glorious heroic pages of our history in 1612. Today, it symbolizes the idea of ​​national consensus and cohesion around common goals and objectives. Our common victories and achievements serve as a unifying principle not only for those living in Russia, but also for thousands of compatriots abroad who do not dissociate themselves from Russian history, culture, language and religion.

Common ideas and goals have always held the Russians together, making them stand up for the sovereignty of their country and helping them survive in the most difficult conditions. So far, national unification has not lost its relevance. In the face of a difficult foreign policy situation, this very idea, strengthened by the heroic pages of our history, should serve as a beacon and help successfully overcome any difficulties and achieve goals for the benefit of all Russians.

Each year on the National Unity Day, the RCSC around the world traditionally host compatriots’ meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, folk culture festivals and other events.