City diplomacy and international projects

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Rooted in 1944, the international movement of twin cities has transformed today into international municipal cooperation, or city diplomacy. It has been accumulating modern practices and mechanisms of cooperation between cities and municipalities.

The Agency actively encourages the establishment and elaboration of new approaches to international municipal cooperation.

Nowadays, it is exactly the international municipal cooperation sphere of public diplomacy that allows for direct contacts between nations, based on unconditional equality and mutual respect, involving the settlement of practical vital issues influencing everyday lives of millions of people, and ultimately resulting in a constructive dialogue between cultures, languages, traditions and customs. Strong ties between cities, regions and communities help stabilize the whole world order system, harmonize approaches to challenges settling and resolve existing disputes, especially between peoples.

Rossotrudnichestvo systematically assists Russian cities and municipalities by using the potential of Russian Centers for Science and Culture (RCSC) in foreign countries, as well as by interacting with public Russian cities and municipalities associations, providing methodological support, negotiating draft agreements between cities, collaborating with the Council of Heads of Constituent Entities at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on international municipal cooperation issues.

Russian cities are provided assistance in renewing their twinning, partnership, friendship contacts, as well as in establishing new inter-municipal ties with foreign territorial entities. For these ends, the Agency works out a city’s infographic profile on the basis of the questionnaire information provided in advance.

”75th Anniversary of the modern twin-city movement Volgograd-Coventry: a look into the future”.

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