International regional and municipal cooperation

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Rossotrudnichestvo’s priority activities include supporting and fostering international contacts of the Russian Federation entities in science, technology, education, culture and economy, as well as coordinating international municipal cooperation.

Rossotrudnichestvo was given the relevant powers by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 6, 2008, No. 1315 “On Certain Issues of State Administration in the Field of International Cooperation”.

Rossotrudnichestvo is working with Russian regions both on the basis of a joint action plan serving as mechanism for implementing an Agreement on interaction between the Agency and the Government of an entity of the Russian Federation, and if requested by Russian regions within Rossotrudnichestvo’s authority. So far, agreements have been signed with 35 entities of the Russian Federation. In 2019, Russian centers of science and culture (RCSC) in more than 80 countries hosted 473 events organized by Russian regions.

The Agency coordinates the cooperation between twin cities and fosters international municipal cooperation through interaction with Russian cities and municipalities, their unions and associations.