Preservation of Historical Memorials and Burial Grounds

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Rossotrudnichestvo cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture, Federal Archival Agency and the Government Commission for the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad (GCAС) in the organization of work for the maintenance and preservation of burial sites of historical and memorial significance for Russia abroad. 

Activities of Rossotrudnichestvo are regulated by the Resolution of the Russian Government of 31 May, 2010, № 379, the Rules of the Organization of Work for the Maintenance and Preservation of Burial Sites of Historical and Memorial Significance for the Russian Federation Abroad. The document defines the procedure of the work organization in foreign countries and its specific objects such as memorial cemeteries, sections and individual graves in cemeteries, with the exception of burial sites classified as military graves, and new graves.

Financial support of expenditure commitments related to the implementation of the project is carried out by funds received from the permitted activities of Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Offices.

Decree of the Russian Federation Government of November 11, 2010, № 1948-p approved the List of located abroad burial sites of historical and memorial significance for the Russian Federation. According to the latest data, the List includes the burial places in 13 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

An extension of this List is foreseen by the Rules. The Government Commission on the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad, following the proposals of Rossotrudnichestvo, selects the burial sites. The main criteria for selection are the historical significance of the contribution of buried individuals in science, culture, art and spiritual life of Russia and the states, where burial sites are located, in the strengthening of relations between Russia and foreign states.