“Engineerium” without borders

Rossotrudnichestvo will support the expansion of the network of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University educational centers abroad.

Evgeny Primakov visited the Bauman Moscow State Technical University on September 10, at the invitation of its rector Anatoly Alexandrov.

While in the “Bauman MSTU Engineerium” Technology Park, Yevgeny Primakov got acquainted with the process of creating products from composites in VR format (VR for “virtual reality”), as well as with students’ and schoolchildren’s developments and laboratories’ equipment.

“Engineerium” is a large network of educational centers for schoolchildren, with over 200 branch offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to the director of the Bauman MSTU Interindustry Engineering Center “Composites of Russia” Vladimir Nelyub, “Engineerium” aims to identify the most talented schoolchildren.

“We must reveal children’s engineering talents for them to then enter the appropriate departments of our university“, Nelyub said.

More than 10,000 children have studied at the “Engineerium” in accordance with its methods and programs within the 4 years period. Graduates have received Bauman MSTU admission privileges.

Primakov supported the RCSC-based expansion of the “Engineerium” network abroad.

“We are ready to provide the necessary assistance to open new branch offices on the basis of our foreign representative offices”, head of the Agency highlighted.

Photo by Press Service of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.