“Russian Fan House” continues its work

On the 24th of June, football fans, traditionally, got together in “Russian Fan House” to root for our team at FIFA Confederations Cup Russia-2017.

This time, Ambassador of Mexican United States in Serbia Marco Antonio Garcia Blanco was the guest of honor at the RCSC, he came to watch game of Russians versus Mexicans accompanied by his family. The head of “Russian House” N. V. Kushenkova, Russian Trade representative in Serbia A. N. Khripunov, headmaster of the secondary school attached to the Serbian embassy N. M. Senik, staff members of the embassy and other regular guests of the “Russian Fan House”.

In the break between periods, the head of the RCSC presented center’s work to the Ambassador, told about “Russian House’s” history and the RCSC’s future plans.

By the end of the game, the Ambassador thanked everyone for the friendly atmosphere. Diplomat mentioned that football is just a game, but relations between our countries will always be strong and warm. At the end of his visit, he appreciated the work of the “Russian House” and mentioned that the Russian Center for Science and Culture is the best of such places in Serbia. “Russian Fan House” continues its work and proves that football unites people of all nations, religions, preferences and results on the scoreboard.